DUB Pies: Chapter One, has ended.

We gave it everything for almost 20 years: Dec. 2003 - May 2022.

We're no longer trading, but as it's the American way to reincorporate and go again, perhaps there'll be a Chapter Two?

The short story is that the pandemic caused our demise. For more info, check below.

Interested in hearing if/when there's a DUB Pies: Chapter Two?  Just share your email address on this site and you'll be the first to hear if/when we go back to pie-making. 

Or, are you considering "picking up the (pie) ball" and running with it?  Planning to make pies in the US? Let's talk.  Perhaps you can take over where we left off? We're happy to provide any help we can. Email us: info@dubpies.com.

In terms of revenue, DUB's best 3 months in business were Jan - Mar of 2020.... the three months prior to the pandemic.

Like countless other food service businesses; lockdowns and the resulting turndown in business saw the closure of our Brooklyn-based cafe, forced the sale of our catering food truck and closure of our wholesale and catering programs.   By April, 2020 revenue had reduced by 90%. 

We pivoted to 100% online sales and worked hard to stay operational.  We saw massive increases in the online sales and by mid 2021 catering and wholesale started trickling back in.  

That growth, along with government assistance in the form of the PPP and the EIDL meant we were able to keep a skeleton crew of staff working..

By early 2021, it became evident we were fighting a losing battle.  But then a bright glimmer of hope in the form of the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund (RRF) was launched as part of the American Rescue Act.  Along with around 277,000 other small, large & very large food-service businesses - DUB applied & qualified for a very significant bailout. 

However, instead of dividing up the $75B in an equitable manner amongst all qualified applicants, the fund management was woeful. 101,000 grants were provided - including to many businesses who received the maximum payout of $10M. 

177,000 qualified businesses received nothing. The fund was depleted with a little over a third of applicants receiving funds.  

Many members of Congress promised replenishment of the fund and spoke of the first $75B as just the "down-payment".  A year later, the promise to replenish was reneged on

177,000 qualified applicants received nothing from the RRF and many of them (including DUB) were forced to stop trading, having dug a hole that we were unable to climb out of.
September 25, 2022 by David Cherry

Ovens are off but there's a few pies available! | Commemorative T-Shirt Competition! 🥧☕

Kia ora & G'day all lovers of pies and coffee, 

That's it then.  The ovens were turned off today for the final time. 

There are a few pies still in stock that we made over the last week.

Once they're gone, there are no more.

We have a 3-Day Flash Sale (while stocks last!): use promo code BYEDUB to get 20% off your frozen pie order and your DUB coffee orders.  (Expires April 25th.) 

What happens next?
If you missed the news, the 
House of Representatives recently passed the long overdue replenishment of the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund (in tandem with additional funds for other "hard-hit" businesses.)  But to say that the bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate is a serious understatement. It could conceivably come to the floor as soon as next week - but its chances don't look good. 

So keep your fingers crossed - or better yet - 
call your Senators and tell them to do the right thing by backing this bill that will save countless small businesses that are likely to close without it. 

Whatever happens in Congress - "DUB Pies: Chapter One" is coming to a close - and it remains to be seen if there'll be a "DUB Pies: Chapter Two" or what it will look like. 

If you want pies, don't wait, some items are already out of stock. Order now. 

Nga Mihi.

Kia Kaha. 

DUB Pies.

April 24, 2022 by Gareth Hughes

And so we bring DUB Pies: Chapter One (2003 - 2022) to an end.

<This blog post has had date specific discount info - now expired - removed.>

Originally shared via email/newsletter - March 18, 2022


Kia ora & G'day all lovers of pies and coffee,

Yes, you're quite right - we did announce LAST CALL a  few weeks ago.

And yet here we are with another discount, still using apocalyptic rhetoric! What gives?

All is explained below.  But, as many of you are here for the juicy discount codes, we'll start with that:

<section removed for brevity>

A word to the wise...  
ANZAC Day iApril 25th) s 5 weeks away.  Our pies keep well in the freezer. Consider this, quite possibly, to be your last chance to stock for ANZAC Day commemorations too!

Please Tip Our Kitchen Staff!:  when you order pies, you'll be given the option to tip our hard-working kitchen crew.  All tips will go to our amazing pie makers. We'd love to give our crew a buffer while they find more employment. Please consider sending them a few dollars directly through the tipping option?  [NB. Let us know if you know anyone hiring kitchen staff in NYC. Our head pie-maker has been with us for most of our 18 years!!] 

March/April "Existential Update"

The short version:  the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund was not replenished.  Despite promises made by many prominent politicians that it would be. 

<Looking at you Senator Schumer, amongst others>  

If you thought a lot of your fave restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, and caterers had closed during the pandemic, you're about to see a lot more closing down, permanently.  Including your favorite pie-makers - DUB Pies.

Independent Restaurant Coalition summarizes the situation best here.

What does this mean for DUB Pies?

When we announced LAST CALL a few weeks ago, we still held out hope for the RRF replenishment.  But the NY commercial eviction moratorium had ended and every day we feared losing our production space. 

We've since negotiated a stay of eviction until May 15th.  Giving us a hard & fast day to plan around.  

Hence our ability to call another "Last Call"

Depending on how many orders we receive over this weekend, we may offer another discount but we don't expect it to exceed the 25% offered here. 

Important: -  at some point, we will stop taking new orders.  Today, we don't have that date to share with you (but we will soon).  Orders placed using this code will be filled, of that we're certain.


What does the future hold for DUB Pies?

In truth, we don't yet know.  We expect to send a couple more emails before the ovens go cold.

Of course, it's the American way to reincorporate and go again - so... we'll see.  But that's down the road, if at all.  We've certainly shown there's a future in Direct To Consumer sales of our pies - so if you want us to stay in touch, drop us a line! 

Perhaps there's a keen Kiwi or Aussie pie-maker arriving in the USA who has the enthusiasm and chutzpah to pick up what we've created and run with it?  We should chat.

Nga Mihi.

Kia Kaha. 

DUB Pies.

March 30, 2022 by Gareth Hughes

DUB Pies, the Pandemic, and the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund.

The last couple of years have been our most difficult as a small business, as they have been for so many all over the US.  Like countless foodservice businesses nationwide - we squeaked through 2020 and 2021 by drastically downsizing and finding a way to pivot our operations. 

Our Brooklyn cafe closed because our landlord would not negotiate early in the pandemic. Catering and wholesale evaporated, then came back briefly this year before all but disappearing again with the rise of Omicron. With no catering, our food truck became an expense we couldn't carry. 

Our pivot to an e-commerce model, in relative terms, has been a roaring success - but it simply hasn't been enough. 

The increased e-commerce sales and the 
PPP and EIDL loans (for which we're forever thankful) got us this far. And then the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund gave us - and many others - an amazing amount of hope.  But those hopes are being dashed.

Back in May of 2021, as part of the American Rescue Act, we were told that we qualified for the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund (RRF).  This was meant to be a full bail-out of the foodservice industry.  

We qualified and applied. But we were among the 2/3rds of the applicants (over 177,000 small, food businesses) to miss out when the fund was quickly depleted due to inconceivably bad management. 

Congress has been discussing replenishment of the RRF for the last 8 months but that notion has been all but lost amongst the political "horse-trading" - despite the situation deteriorating further with the rise of Omicron. Many businesses, like us, have taken on more debt - hoping for the promised RRF replenishment.

By funding 1/3rd of RRF applicants, the bailout saved these businesses - and made it possible for them to more easily cope with ingredient price increases, to pay back-rent etc AND to pay their staff a more competitive wage. Meanwhile, those of us that missed out watched in disbelief.  Surely, Congress wouldn't simply let the rest of us die on vine?.... but that's exactly what has happened.  Surveys show over 80% of those that missed out on the RRF will fail in the coming months.  That includes us, unfortunately.

There's an increasing amount of press on this subject - but any effect the coverage might have is likely to come too late for most.  Here's a good 
New York Times article from a few weeks ago that summarizes the mess that was the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund. And this deeper dive is great coverage from Mother Jones

There is still a small chance of replenishment, so if you're moved to do something to help us and other foodservice businesses - the heart and soul of so many communities across the country - take a look at what you can do. 

In the meantime, buy our pies - while you still can! 

February 04, 2022 by Gareth Hughes

18 Years of DUB Pies + 18% Discounts

Kia ora & G'day all lovers of pies and coffee,


We're only able to celebrate our 18th birthday due to the continued support from our awesome customers like you, so for all fans of Kiwi-Aussie pies and coffee, we're offering a limited-time 18% off discount! Use code "Happy18th" at checkout. (Expires 9/19 - ordering details below.)

We appreciate all of you beyond what we can express for enabling us to live our dream of serving delicious pies for a taste of home away from home. Below is the story of DUB Pies and milestones throughout the past 18 years.

In 2003, DUB Pies was born of a passion for pies & flat whites, and a desire to share that passion with New Yorkers (and beyond that, all Americans). Another undeniable goal was to get the Pie Boy (the owner's son) through school and into college

Well, we're stoked to report that we just unlocked that achievement level! Pie Boy is matriculating upstate at a State University and is quickly becoming an (almost) independent being! Very exciting!!

Given the challenges of the last 18 months - we're taking stock and having a quick look back at what we've done throughout our 18 ambassadorial years where we've kept the classic down-under-style pie and flat white as our singular focus. 

Late 2003 - Sold our first pies/rolls to be consumed by attendees of the premiere of "The Return Of The King". A very fitting beginning, we feel.

2004 - 2005 - Started shipping pies nationwide and providing pies to bars/pubs/cafes around NYC.

Late 2005 - Added retail cafe to our small wholesale business and began dabbling in coffee (flat whites being the focus).

2006 - 2008 - We began offering catering services as well as expanded nationwide shipping.

2009 - 2011 - Grew our wholesale business, Brooklyn cafe quickly became a popular community hub.

2012 - 2014 - Thanks to the incredible generosity of our crowd-funding patrons, we raised half the money needed for a pie and flat white truck. We borrowed the rest of the money, built the truck, and set about introducing down-under-style pies and coffee to the people of NYC. We opened (and closed) a West 4th St, West Village, Manhattan cafe which turned out not to be the ideal location we'd thought. 

2015 - 2019 - We worked to consolidate revenue streams and optimize operations to focus on the Brooklyn cafe, catering, food truck, wholesale, and e-commerce. We also became a boutique coffee roaster.

2020 - The pandemic hit our business very hard and resulted in the closure of our Brooklyn cafe (of 12 years), so we pivoted to focus on e-commerce to sell directly to our customers nationwide.

2021 - We're doubling our effort on e-commerce for both one-time orders and recurring subscriptions. We've expanded our offering to include Aussie-Kiwi packaged sweets and treats.

This journey would have not been possible without support from our customers like you, so thank you very much for placing orders and signing up for recurring order subscriptions. We look forward to continuing to serve you and continue to provide the down under-style comfort food and coffee here in the United States.


Reduced Longer Distance Shipping Charges 

If you live outside of the states surrounding NY and haven't ordered in a while - consider building an order through our site to get a full quote so you can see how much more attractive Overnight and 2nd-day delivery is now that we offer UPS as an option. In most cases, the rate is half what we've offered for years through Fed-Ex. 

Don't forget to add this month's discount code - Happy18th



Using September Discount Codes

1) Frozen Pies shipped nationwide (includes NYC) - 
use promo code - Happy18th - to get 18% off your order.  (Expires Sept 19th)

DUB-roasted coffee & Down Under-style packaged snacks - use promo code - Happy18th - to get a 18% off your order. Use code FREESHIPPING when ordering more than $75 worth of goodies. (Expires Sept 19th)  YES! - you can use both discounts when ordering on the goodies page!

3) Mercato Grocery Delivery - aka the DUB Online NYC Bodega -
NYC customers only.  Use code - September21 - to get $20 off orders of $100 or more.  First-time orders should use promo code - ZFVEWN - to get 30 days of unlimited free delivery. 

4) The DUBsciption - discount pies/rolls - always!!!:  
This is still our very best way to get your pies from us. Monthly orders save 15%. Alternate month orders save 12.5% Three monthly orders save 10%. Use this month's discount code - Happy18th - to get 18% off the first order (repeat orders revert to the frequency discount above.  DUBscription includes: the ability to give gift subscriptions (in future) at the same discounted rate (while you too have a subscription), a free t-shirt after your 3rd order, an upcoming mega discount on coffee subscriptions, advance warning on special pies, and other offers




COVID Conscious Catering Services:

This month's 18% discount can also be applied to your NYC catering needs.

Email us with your order or questions - orders@dubpies.com 

Our catering service comports with all Covid-19 reduction protocols and is proving a popular option for office catering and other events. All food we send out is individually pre-packaged & labeled - including pies, rolls, sides, and sweets.

All of our staff are vaccinated.

We can deliver HOT to your place of work or event. Get in touch for more info.

September 17, 2021 by Gareth Hughes

Aussie treats: the sweet taste of home delivered to you

We now sell a range of Aussie treats and Kiwi goodies at DUB Pies which you can have delivered to you in New York City or anywhere across the United States.

Our online sweet shop is now open and we have a range of Aussie treats and other sweet stuff which will appeal to expats from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland and beyond. So if you’re living in New York City or anywhere in the US and want the sweet taste of home delivered to you, this is where you need to go.

Of course, if you’re American or from anywhere else in the world, you might also want to see what all the fuss is about. And while you’re in our online Aussie sweets shop, you might also want to pick up some of our supertasty DUB Pies coffee beans. Specialty coffee at its best!

To give you a sweet taste of what we have in the DUB Pies shop, here’s a look at some of the most popular items.



Tim Tams
Possibly the most popular item in our Aussie sweets shop, Tim Tams are Australia and New Zealand’s favourite biscuits: a delicious mix of crunchy biscuit and cream filling all wrapped up in the tastiest chocolate! We have the Arnott’s ones on our site and have Original, Chewy Caramel and Double Coat.

Be warned: these sell out quickly but we also restock quickly. So check back regularly.

Pineapple Lumps
“Never combine chocolate and pineapple! It doesn’t work.” Oh, boy, how wrong they were! Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps are the best. Case closed.

Violet Crumble
Honeycomb? Chocolate? Bite-sized? Already we’ve said too much! You have to taste them to believe them. Get your Violet Crumble here.

Did someone say honeycomb and chocolate? Pure, simple and made by Cadbury’s, Crunchies are a massive favourite in the UK and Ireland. In a word: crunchilicious. (It is too a word!!!)

Wagon Wheels
If you were inventing the perfect treat and someone asked you what your first four ingredients would be, you would say marshmallow, jam, biscuit and chocolate. You know you would! Well, those fine folks in Arnott’s beat you to the punch with the sublime Wagon Wheel.

Buzz Bars
Miss your childhood? Then Buzz Bars are for you! When you got these in your lunch box, you knew you were loved! And when you robbed them from the pantry, you knew you were good at robbing! Soft, fluffy marshmallow topped with caramel and covered in milk chocolate.

Cadbury's Roses
Okay, you want sophisticated? Cadbury’s Roses have been filling homes in New Zealand, the UK and Ireland with rosy happiness for years. Apart from all the rows about who gets which flavour. Want to make someone happy? Buy them Roses!

Cadbury Flakes
If Roses are sophisticated, then Flakes are sexy. Anyone remember the ads? Pure, unadulterated, crumbly, chocolate sinfulness!

Whittaker’s Chocolate
These bars take chocolate to another level. Try them with red wine or even better: with our DUB Pies coffee. Simply irresistible! We have Almond Gold, Dark Block and Dark Salted Caramel.

Taveners Licorice Allsorts
Looking for Great British Sweets? Look no further than Taveners Licorice Allsorts! But if you’re an RJ’s fan, we also have their Licorice Allsorts. No fighting!

Also, bear in mind two things: one, we’re constantly adding stock so always check back for new items and two, if it’s sold out, it’ll be back soon.

And if there’s something you’d like us to source specially for you, email us on info@dubpies.com and we’ll see if we can get it.

We now have three ordering options at DUB Pies!

There’s the original DUB Pies site: www.dubpies.com

There’s DUB Coffee & Sweet Treats: www.dubpiescoffee.com

And there’s the DUB Virtual NYC Bodega (via Mercato): www.mercato.com/shop/dub-pies

March 14, 2021 by Gareth Hughes

All about the pies: National Pie Day and Australia Day are here.

National Pie Day and Australia Day have arrived and we have news about our supertasty Afghan
biscuits which still taste the same great way but which have had a bit of a name change.

Australia Day
It’s here again: Australia Day is on Tuesday, January 26 th ! It’s the official national day of Australia
and marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson in New South Wales in 1788. Thankfully, over the years, it has become to mean more than that and is now a
culturally diverse celebration of all that’s great about Australia.

Here in the States, Aussies celebrate it by getting together with other Aussies and having a beer or two and getting in some Aussie pies and treats. You might even find a New Zealander or two in the mix as well.

If you are ordering food for Australia Day, do it on www.dubpies.com now to make sure your order
arrives on time. New Yorkers can use the Mercato site to order and don’t forget we have also launched our sweet new sister site which has treats from Down Under on it as well as our legendary DUB Pies coffee.

We wanted to share some info with you on one of our most popular biscuits: the Rough, or the Afghan as it has always been known. This is a traditional New Zealand cookie and is very popular back home. We New Zealanders tend to do the sweet stuff pretty well as you may have noticed. (“Your savory pies and rolls are also bloody amazing!” we hear you shout. Which is a very fair point.)

The Afghan cookie is usually made with flour, butter, corn flakes, sugar and cocoa powder and then
topped with chocolate icing and a half walnut. We use a traditional, home-made recipe to make ours,
resulting in a biscuit that is a little bit bitter (the cocoa) but also sweetly offset by the chocolate icing.
It’s smooth and quite dense but also quite crunchy thanks to the corn flakes. So it kind of has it all!

Then, this year Griffin’s Food Company, a big New Zealand snack producer, who do a commercial
version of the Afghan, changed its name to the ‘Rough’. They did this in the wake of the Black Lives
Matter movement as there had been controversy over the name ‘Afghan’ being a possible reference to the 19th century Anglo-Afghan Wars. Others say it’s called an Afghan because it has a rough texture similar to the landscape of Afghanistan.

Anyway, the point is we decided to change it to the Rough too. New name, same taste!


National Pie Day

And lastly if Australia Day isn’t enough to get you eating tasty savory pies, National Pie Day is on Saturday, January 23rd ! If you want to be part of it – and honestly why on earth wouldn’t you? – we
recommend . . . eh . . . eating pies! Have a happie one!

To find out more about the DUB Pies online ordering service, go here.

For New York-only deliveries, check out our Mercato site here.

And for DUB coffee beans, sweet treats and other packaged goods from Australia and New Zealand,
go to our new sister site.

January 20, 2021 by Gareth Hughes

Meat pies now available to order online

Meat pies from our DUB Pies bakery in New York can now be ordered directly from our website and delivered straight to you across the country

Who Is The Pie Man?

"Remember, never trust a skinny pie man!"

Some of you I see regularly in the café, others I see out and about in Windsor Terrace, where I’ve lived for twelve years. But I don’t often get the chance to share the story of how I came to be living in the Northern Hemisphere with a passion for spreading the gospel of the meat pie. Bear with me while I tell you my tale of odd jobs, soul-searching, and achieving success on the five-pie-a-day-diet.

After two weeks of working the AM shift as a taxi driver in NYC, September 11 happened. Before this, I had been living in California & Oregon, biding my time in the corporate world, dreaming of writing a book, and generally feeling pretty adrift. New York can make you feel more adrift than anywhere else on earth—especially after a tragedy—but it can also give you a sense of belonging you never knew you could feel. I immediately swapped the taxi gig to become a manager of the counselors working directly with survivors at one of the disaster assistance centers (I had received my Master’s in Psychology back in New Zealand).

But after a year I was completely drained—emotionally and mentally. I needed the comforts of home. Some people need to spend 40 days and 40 nights in the desert for answers, others need to sit under a tree and meditate all night long. I had to eat five meat pies a day for several months to attain enlightenment and discover that the answer to every question is “meat pies.” I knew my duty was to return to my adopted hometown and share the love that is the humble yet mighty meat pie.

After a crash course in pie-making with some of my favorite pie men in New Zealand, I came back to New York, opened DUB (Down Under Bakery) Pies in 2003, and have been bringing the ultimate comfort food to the masses ever since.

The Pie Shop - 211 Prospect Park West, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

I don’t just want to make pies because they’re tasty and remind me of home. The beauty of a meat pie is that it can be eaten down the pub with your friends while you unwind over a match,  keep you warm while you walk around the park with a loved one, or shared with your six-year-old who invariably ends up with crumbs all over his face. All the jobs I’ve had have been about bringing joy and comfort to peoples’ lives—from radio DJ to counselor—but this one has been the most meaningful. Food feeds the soul, even more so if it’s a delicious meat pie.