How to Experience 'DUB Pies' Like a Kiwi!

A Story Told In New Zealand Slang (*translation guide below)

Guest Blog by Anna Orchard 

So, there you are, knackered after a long work-week, your team has just lost in the footie and all your mates have scarpered for the weekend, they'll not be back for yonks. Your ex is sending you round the bend and you just want to tell them to rack off. The stroppy sprogs keep throwing a wobbly and the rellies are driving you mad. It's time to get your arse into gear and come to DUB Pies to suss out the best cuppa and savory pies in all of Brooklyn! 

Whether you come to DUB every arvo to chat up the server you fancy or you just need to go bush for a while, we suggest grabbing yourself a chook pie to take-away and eat in nearby Prospect Park, but whatever your pie preference you’re sure to have a cracker day 'cos we have heaps to choose from in our selection of delicious meat pies, vege pies, sausage or spinach rolls.

And that's before we even get started about the our now legendary flat whites! Tumeke! 

Oh, and don't forget our sweet pies: apple, peach, cherry/rhubarb. 

Of course there's always plenty of HP and tomato sauce to go round while you have a cheeky natter with our regulars, listen to some brilliant New Zealand tunesappreciate our gallery of locals' art-work and recover from the large one you had last night.

You might be in for an ear bashing if you don’t bring home a Lamington for the missus, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

After stuffing your face with a curry vege pie, Anzac biscuits, and Brooklyn’s own Dough doughnuts, you’ll be away laughing. Sweet as. 

We’ll have your guts for garters if you don’t come back!



*Kiwi-American Translation Guide

Anzac biscuit: Sweet cookie made with oats, coconut, and golden syrup

Arse: Butt

Arvo: Afternoon

Away laughing: No more worries

Chat up: Flirt with

Cheeky: Sassy; A bit rude;

Chur: thanks; cool; sweet; cheers

Chook: Chicken

Cracker: Very good

Cuppa: Hot cup of tea or coffee

Ear bashing: Talking incessantly; won’t shut up

Fancy: Attracted to; have a crush on

Flat white: Double shot of espresso and micro-foam milk served in a ceramic cup

Footie: Rugby game

Go bush: Get away from it all

Guts for garters: In big trouble

Heaps: A lot

Knackered: Exhausted

Lamington: Australian sponge cake coated in chocolate and coconut

Large one: Big night out

Mates: Friends

Missus: Wife; girlfriend

Natter: Talk; chat

Rack off: Go away

Reckon: To think

Rellies: Relatives

Round the bend: Going crazy

Savory pie: Filling—usually meat, vegetables, and/or potato—wrapped in pastry

Scarpered: disappeared, fled, taken off, left the vicinity

Sprogs: Children

Stroppy: Moody; bad tempered

Suss out: Figure out; sort out; take care of

Sweet as: No problem; all good

Take away: To go

Throw a wobbly: Become angry; have a tantrum

Tomato sauce: Ketchup

Tumeke: awesome

Yonks: Ages; a long time



Great espresso coffee - down under styles.

We've been serving great espresso coffee in NYC since 2005 and we were among the first to offer the authentic, properly made, world-changing, down under classic, the flat white...

An authentic passion for pies!

If you're not from the lands down under it might be difficult to fully comprehend the importance of the humble savory/meat pie to New Zealand and Australian food culture. To say that a pie is as important a staple down under as pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers are (collectively) to the American food landscape is not at all hyperbole. 

Says the Pie Man: Pies & Culture.

Wherein we explain the origin of our blog's name.