Inspired by New Zealand. Made with pride in the USA. No cutlery required.



What is DUB?

DUB stands for Down Under Bakery, because we come from a land down under (the equator) — the South Pacific paradise of New Zealand.


What are DUB Pies?

Ask any sensible new Zealander and they will tell you: the meat pie is the perfect delivery mechanism for pleasure.

A riff on the classic British meat pie, a Dub Pie is a delicious dose of hand-held goodness, made of flaky pastry wrapped around an assortment of hot, savoury fillings suspended in delectable gravy.

Each Dub Pie is made by hand, right here in the USA — but we import the pie tins from down under, where they’re known locally as “the New Zealand oval”, because it’s the most common shape for pies in our homeland.

Back home, this protein-packed portable meal is revered as the ultimate comfort food, a superior lunch-on-the-run, soul food you can eat while driving your car.

In short, we love pies. So naturally, we have thought a lot about the perfect pie. Inside our simple, buttery pastry, you’ll find only the best ingredients: big chunks of prime meat, rich gravy, fresh vegetables and tangy cheese.

Our vegetarian pies are just as popular as the meat ones, and our all-vegan curry vegetarian pie is the one pie to rule them all.

We don’t want to say our pies are perfect, but actually … they are.