And so we bring DUB Pies: Chapter One (2003 - 2022) to an end.

<This blog post has had date specific discount info - now expired - removed.>

Originally shared via email/newsletter - March 18, 2022


Kia ora & G'day all lovers of pies and coffee,

Yes, you're quite right - we did announce LAST CALL a  few weeks ago.

And yet here we are with another discount, still using apocalyptic rhetoric! What gives?

All is explained below.  But, as many of you are here for the juicy discount codes, we'll start with that:

<section removed for brevity>

A word to the wise...  
ANZAC Day iApril 25th) s 5 weeks away.  Our pies keep well in the freezer. Consider this, quite possibly, to be your last chance to stock for ANZAC Day commemorations too!

Please Tip Our Kitchen Staff!:  when you order pies, you'll be given the option to tip our hard-working kitchen crew.  All tips will go to our amazing pie makers. We'd love to give our crew a buffer while they find more employment. Please consider sending them a few dollars directly through the tipping option?  [NB. Let us know if you know anyone hiring kitchen staff in NYC. Our head pie-maker has been with us for most of our 18 years!!] 

March/April "Existential Update"

The short version:  the Restaurant Revitalisation Fund was not replenished.  Despite promises made by many prominent politicians that it would be. 

<Looking at you Senator Schumer, amongst others>  

If you thought a lot of your fave restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, and caterers had closed during the pandemic, you're about to see a lot more closing down, permanently.  Including your favorite pie-makers - DUB Pies.

Independent Restaurant Coalition summarizes the situation best here.

What does this mean for DUB Pies?

When we announced LAST CALL a few weeks ago, we still held out hope for the RRF replenishment.  But the NY commercial eviction moratorium had ended and every day we feared losing our production space. 

We've since negotiated a stay of eviction until May 15th.  Giving us a hard & fast day to plan around.  

Hence our ability to call another "Last Call"

Depending on how many orders we receive over this weekend, we may offer another discount but we don't expect it to exceed the 25% offered here. 

Important: -  at some point, we will stop taking new orders.  Today, we don't have that date to share with you (but we will soon).  Orders placed using this code will be filled, of that we're certain.


What does the future hold for DUB Pies?

In truth, we don't yet know.  We expect to send a couple more emails before the ovens go cold.

Of course, it's the American way to reincorporate and go again - so... we'll see.  But that's down the road, if at all.  We've certainly shown there's a future in Direct To Consumer sales of our pies - so if you want us to stay in touch, drop us a line! 

Perhaps there's a keen Kiwi or Aussie pie-maker arriving in the USA who has the enthusiasm and chutzpah to pick up what we've created and run with it?  We should chat.

Nga Mihi.

Kia Kaha. 

DUB Pies.

March 30, 2022 by Gareth Hughes
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