Meat pies now available to order online

Meat pies from our DUB Pies bakery in New York can now be ordered directly from our website and delivered straight to you across the country

Meat pies have always been popular in New Zealand, Australia, Britain and Ireland, but when we originally opened our bakery and café here in Brooklyn, we had no idea just how well they would go down with expats and New Yorkers alike.

And now, since we had to close the bakery during the Covid-19 pandemic and just do delivery, the good word about traditional pies, rolls and treats is spreading across the nation.

So, to bring new folk up to speed, here’s all you need to know about the US’s best pies!

What are ‘meat pies’?

They are one of the most popular dishes to eat at home or on the go in New Zealand and Australia. Made using gorgeous, flaky pastry in an original tin – called a ‘New Zealand oval’ because it’s . . . eh  . . . oval – we then fill them with a range of tasty ingredients. People often say they are our answer to the hamburger or a slice of pizza.

Where can I get meat pies near me?

From us! We have Beef, Beef & Cheese, Breakfast, Steak & Mushroom and Thai Chicken Curry as well as vegetarian and vegan options. We also have sausage rolls and vegetarian rolls.

Where can I get vegetarian pies and vegan pies near me?

We have a Curry Vegetable Pie which is also suitable for vegans. We also do a Spinach & Three Cheese Roll.

Where can I get the best meat pies in New York? What are the best meat pies in the US?

We think ours are right up there … and we don’t say that lightly. We’ve been serving them to New Yorkers for years now and they get a great reception. More importantly, you don’t mess with Kiwis and Aussies when it comes to pies . . .

Can I get meat pies delivered to me?

Yes. We now deliver. We do deliveries through Mercato here in New York as well as nationwide from our own website.

Where can I order New Zealand and Australian meat pies online?

The best way to start the ordering process is to head to our homepage. There you will find sections marked: NYC Delivery; Ground Shipping Zone (15 states in the north-west); and Two-Day Shipping Zone (rest of country). Click on the one that suits you and get going. It’s pretty straightforward.

What other products does DUB Pies deliver?

We have a range of New Zealand and Australian treats on our site for delivery in New York, including Anzac Cookies, Lamington Cupcakes and Caramel Slices (Millionaire’s Shortbread).

Do you deliver pies and rolls outside New York?

Yes, we do. Just go to and follow the instructions!

Where can I find the best meat pies in New York City?

You used to find them in this fab bakery and café called DUB Pies; now you can find them in this fab online bakery called . . . eh . . . DUB Pies.

Can I find New Zealand and Australian food in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens?

There are lots of great places to find food that expat New Zealanders (Kiwis!) and Aussies will love – that’s what’s great about this city. And, of course, no matter where you are in New York or across the United States, we can get Kiwi and Aussie food straight to you!

To find out more about the DUB Pies online ordering service, go here:

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