Dub Pies provide free shipping to states in the East Zone

 A. Frozen Pies Shipping (Nationwide)


Instructions for frozen pie orders.

  1. Choose a minimum of 3 bags of pies or rolls. This applies wherever you need your order shipped to.

  2. Confirm Shipping option (Ground, 2-day, Overnight) OR In-Store Pick-up.

In-store pick-up:
Pick up location: 211 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY, 11215 
Must be ordered at least 2 days before intended pick up date. 
If this option chosen - please email info@dubpies.com to organize pick-up details.

Shipping Rates:  Our website shopping cart will give you a price quote before you need to enter payment details.

Eastern Zone - per map above - FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders.

Western Zone - per map above:

* 2 Day Shipping - a subsidized rate - between $30 - $40 per shipper of pies.
* Overnight Shipping - also subsidized - between $50 - $60 per shipper of pies.

For the quickest delivery possible - choose the overnight shipping.
Ground, 2-day, and Overnight orders are dispatched on Mondays by default, in some cases we can ship Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but only with specific instructions and confirmation of that arrangement.
Note: Orders that are in transit > 1 day shipping from NYC will include dry-ice.

  • Orders placed after midnight Sunday night will be shipped a week after that Monday (unless indicated otherwise, we’ll contact you)
  • Orders with overnight shipping must be submitted by 9am the day they are meant to be shipped, and can only be shipped Monday-Wednesday
  • All shipments are put out for pick up at 2pm, meaning we can’t adjust anything after that time, even shipping method
  • Changes to shipping method (i.e. from Ground to Overnight) must be made by 9am the day the shipment is needed
  • If your order is for a special event, include the date in the notes, we may be able to arrange delivery closer to the date if it’s helpful

Bulk Orders
If you are based in the NY Metropolitan area and wish to purchase bulk frozen pies (i.e. $300+) please contact us at info@dubpies.com to discuss delivery options.

For any other shipping related enquiries - please contact info@dubpies.com

Pick your pies for shipping now!


B. Hot Pies Delivery (NYC Region only)

Please refer to the Catering information page.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: While (in our experience) FED-EX are VERY reliable, we have learned through hard experience that despite saying they guarantee delivery by a certain day/time, the "fine print" on the FED-EX agreements stipulates that they will not under any circumstances guarantee timely delivery of PERISHABLE items. Therefore the customer agrees to ship through FED-EX at their own risk. If our pies are inedible due to a delay encountered by FED-EX, we'll work with you to try to come up with a mutually acceptable outcome - however, while we're do everything we can to put it right, we can't guarantee full product refund - instead we can offer heavily reduced prices on a replacement order (though you may need to cover the cost of shipping.)