Options for Shipping Frozen Pies nationwide.



If you're in New York City:  do consider using our Mercato online store.  We have many more items available there, including baked sweets like Lamingtons, Caramel Slice, ANZAC biscuits and down under packaged sweets and snacks.  Next day delivery available to most of NYC (M-F).  And if it's your first order you can use the code - ZFVEWN - to get 30 days of unlimited free delivery.

If you aren't in NYC (or aren't covered by the Mercato delivery options): - we can ship nationwide.

We generally ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If your order is received Wednesday - Sunday  - we do our best to ship the following Monday but depending on workload your order may ship Tuesday or Wednesday instead. 

You will receive a confirmation email that tells you we received your order and we'll send the tracking info when the order is scheduled to ship.

You can request that shipping happen at some later date by putting comments in the order as you place it.

This map shows Shipping Options available in our two Shipping Zones.  For now, we ship just the pies & rolls. 

Start your order here.More information on shipping frozen pies below the map. 

Dub Pies Frozen Delivery Zones


EAST ZONE -  Ground Shipping, 2nd Day Express and Overnight Shipping options.

WEST ZONE - includes 2nd Day Express and Overnight Shipping options only.

(Sweets, packaged goods ship separately from frozen items and can be ordered here.)


When ordering frozen pies through our site - each item contains either a bag of 4 pies or 6 rolls.

We have two sizes of insulated shipper available  - our system selects the correct one for you automatically.

SMALL SHIPPER - holds our minimum order of 3 items and up to 5 items. 

LARGE SHIPPER - holds between 6 and 10 items. The shipping cost is the same for 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 items (so go big!)  

DISCOUNTS ON LARGE ORDERS: we provide discounts for orders of 12 items (ie 48 pies)  - for which we use our XL Shipper. Email us directly at info@dubpies.com to discuss this.  You can choose 4 flavors with this option. This size order will include a 10% discount.

WANT TO KNOW SHIPPING RATE BEFORE ORDERING? As you build your order, the website SHOPPING CART will indicate shipping rates/options to your address. We only offer GROUND SHIPPING if the order will arrive within 2 days of shipment - otherwise, the website will only offer you 2nd Day Express and Overnight options. So the website shopping cart will give you a price quote before you need to enter payment details. 

FEDEX RATES:  GROUND delivery within two days is affordable but - be warned - shipping rates beyond that area can be expensive.  We pass through our negotiated FEDEX shipping rates directly to you.

Ordering for specific event/date: If your order is for a special event, include the date in the notes, we may be able to arrange delivery closer to the date if it's helpful

BULK ORDERS: If you are based in the NY Metropolitan area and wish to purchase bulk frozen pies (i.e. $500+) please contact us at info@dubpies.com to discuss delivery options. We also have wholesale rates.

For any other shipping related enquiries - please contact info@dubpies.com

Pick your pies for shipping now!


IMPORTANT NOTE: While (in our experience) FEDEX are VERY reliable, we have learned through hard experience that despite saying they guarantee delivery by a certain day/time, the "fine print" on the FEDEX agreements stipulates that they will not under any circumstances guarantee timely delivery of PERISHABLE items. Therefore the customer agrees to ship through FEDEX at their own risk. If our pies are inedible due to a delay encountered by FEDEX, we'll work with you to try to come up with a mutually acceptable outcome - however, while we're do everything we can to put it right, we can't guarantee full product refund - instead we can offer heavily reduced prices on a replacement order (though you may need to cover the cost of shipping.)