18 Years of DUB Pies + 18% Discounts

Kia ora & G'day all lovers of pies and coffee,


We're only able to celebrate our 18th birthday due to the continued support from our awesome customers like you, so for all fans of Kiwi-Aussie pies and coffee, we're offering a limited-time 18% off discount! Use code "Happy18th" at checkout. (Expires 9/19 - ordering details below.)

We appreciate all of you beyond what we can express for enabling us to live our dream of serving delicious pies for a taste of home away from home. Below is the story of DUB Pies and milestones throughout the past 18 years.

In 2003, DUB Pies was born of a passion for pies & flat whites, and a desire to share that passion with New Yorkers (and beyond that, all Americans). Another undeniable goal was to get the Pie Boy (the owner's son) through school and into college

Well, we're stoked to report that we just unlocked that achievement level! Pie Boy is matriculating upstate at a State University and is quickly becoming an (almost) independent being! Very exciting!!

Given the challenges of the last 18 months - we're taking stock and having a quick look back at what we've done throughout our 18 ambassadorial years where we've kept the classic down-under-style pie and flat white as our singular focus. 

Late 2003 - Sold our first pies/rolls to be consumed by attendees of the premiere of "The Return Of The King". A very fitting beginning, we feel.

2004 - 2005 - Started shipping pies nationwide and providing pies to bars/pubs/cafes around NYC.

Late 2005 - Added retail cafe to our small wholesale business and began dabbling in coffee (flat whites being the focus).

2006 - 2008 - We began offering catering services as well as expanded nationwide shipping.

2009 - 2011 - Grew our wholesale business, Brooklyn cafe quickly became a popular community hub.

2012 - 2014 - Thanks to the incredible generosity of our crowd-funding patrons, we raised half the money needed for a pie and flat white truck. We borrowed the rest of the money, built the truck, and set about introducing down-under-style pies and coffee to the people of NYC. We opened (and closed) a West 4th St, West Village, Manhattan cafe which turned out not to be the ideal location we'd thought. 

2015 - 2019 - We worked to consolidate revenue streams and optimize operations to focus on the Brooklyn cafe, catering, food truck, wholesale, and e-commerce. We also became a boutique coffee roaster.

2020 - The pandemic hit our business very hard and resulted in the closure of our Brooklyn cafe (of 12 years), so we pivoted to focus on e-commerce to sell directly to our customers nationwide.

2021 - We're doubling our effort on e-commerce for both one-time orders and recurring subscriptions. We've expanded our offering to include Aussie-Kiwi packaged sweets and treats.

This journey would have not been possible without support from our customers like you, so thank you very much for placing orders and signing up for recurring order subscriptions. We look forward to continuing to serve you and continue to provide the down under-style comfort food and coffee here in the United States.


Reduced Longer Distance Shipping Charges 

If you live outside of the states surrounding NY and haven't ordered in a while - consider building an order through our site to get a full quote so you can see how much more attractive Overnight and 2nd-day delivery is now that we offer UPS as an option. In most cases, the rate is half what we've offered for years through Fed-Ex. 

Don't forget to add this month's discount code - Happy18th



Using September Discount Codes

1) Frozen Pies shipped nationwide (includes NYC) - 
use promo code - Happy18th - to get 18% off your order.  (Expires Sept 19th)

DUB-roasted coffee & Down Under-style packaged snacks - use promo code - Happy18th - to get a 18% off your order. Use code FREESHIPPING when ordering more than $75 worth of goodies. (Expires Sept 19th)  YES! - you can use both discounts when ordering on the goodies page!

3) Mercato Grocery Delivery - aka the DUB Online NYC Bodega -
NYC customers only.  Use code - September21 - to get $20 off orders of $100 or more.  First-time orders should use promo code - ZFVEWN - to get 30 days of unlimited free delivery. 

4) The DUBsciption - discount pies/rolls - always!!!:  
This is still our very best way to get your pies from us. Monthly orders save 15%. Alternate month orders save 12.5% Three monthly orders save 10%. Use this month's discount code - Happy18th - to get 18% off the first order (repeat orders revert to the frequency discount above.  DUBscription includes: the ability to give gift subscriptions (in future) at the same discounted rate (while you too have a subscription), a free t-shirt after your 3rd order, an upcoming mega discount on coffee subscriptions, advance warning on special pies, and other offers




COVID Conscious Catering Services:

This month's 18% discount can also be applied to your NYC catering needs.

Email us with your order or questions - orders@dubpies.com 

Our catering service comports with all Covid-19 reduction protocols and is proving a popular option for office catering and other events. All food we send out is individually pre-packaged & labeled - including pies, rolls, sides, and sweets.

All of our staff are vaccinated.

We can deliver HOT to your place of work or event. Get in touch for more info.

September 17, 2021 by Gareth Hughes
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