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The best way to know where we are is to follow us on Twitter & Facebook for the most up-to-date truck location! Stuff happens and while we aim for the locations listed below – we can't always be where we hope/want to be!







Dumbo Lot, Brooklyn: (WebCam), 11am - 2.30pm



Old Slip near Water St, Financial District (across from Hanover Sq). 11am – 2.30pm.. Check Twitter feed and Facebook for latest location.

We're looking for a new regular spot 11am - 2.30pm
Williamsburg (Bedford Ave & N7th): 5/6pm - 12am (sometimes later)



Midtown West (46th St near 6th Ave), 11am - 2.30pm or
Midtown East (47th St near Park Ave), 11am - 2.30pm (depending on where we can find space that day!)
Williamsburg (Bedford Ave & N6th or N7th), 5/6pm - 12am (sometimes later) 11am - 2.30pm



Hudson St & King St, Soho, 11am - 2.30pm 
Williamsburg (Bedford Ave & N6th or N7th), 5/6pm - 1am (sometimes later)


Available for hire & looking for daytime spots.
Williamsburg (Bedford Ave & N6th or N7th), 4/5pm - 1am (sometimes later)


7th Ave & Carroll St (Park Slope) Brooklyn – tentative, check Twitter feed for exact location
Please Note: These are only our planned locations. We’re subject to the vagaries of food truck life - ie other trucks, carts, vendors, the police etc., or the truck may be used for catering an event occasionally. Best way to know where we are is to follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds or sign up to our email announcements.



Truck Menu


What's on the Pie Truck? The Pie Truck has a frequently changing offering of deliciously hot DUB Pies, both savory and sweet, including such classics as Steak Mince & Cheese and Curry Vegetarian. There's also a range of NZ-inspired sweets such as Lamingtons and ANZAC cookies.

We partner with Counter Culture Coffee to present some of the very best coffee available in NYC and certainly the best available on a food truck in NYC. Counter Culture beans are of the highest quality and our staff are all trained in their facilities, We’re particularly proud of our flat whites and when the weather is warmer – you have to try our excellent cold brew!

  • Savory Pies
  • Vegetarian and GF Pies
  • NZ-inspired sweets
  • Salads
  • Cold Drinks
  • Flat Whites!



Truck Catering


Dub Pies catering

Can the Pie Truck cater my event? We would love to bring our fully self-contained Pie Truck to your event, function, wedding, party, sports event and hoe-down.

If you'd love that too, please email or call the office – 718.974.1683 – and we’ll have someone in the catering department get back to you pronto.







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