We offer a full range of catering services, including:


  • The simple "Drop-Off" - we turn up with hot pies (and other food from our catering menu) for your party/function. We can "drive-by" meeting you curbside to hand-off the comestibles or we can park nearby and hand deliver to you office, bar, venue, home etc.  (Minimums & delivery fees may apply .)
  • The onsite Pop-Up - where we set-up at your venue and vend to the crowd, party, group, function, conference that you've assembled. Contact us for details.
  • Food Truck Catering - if there’s a party, event, festival, concert, function that wouldn't be improved with the presence of truly amazing (savory and/or sweet) pies served from our Pie Truck we’ve yet to hear of it? #ThePieTruck also packs a seriously caffeinated punch - sporting a 2 group La Marzocca Linea EE espresso machine and the grunty generator to drive.
  • The "Full Service"where we bring all the bells and whistles and we work with you as an integral part of the event planning - we can provide staff, equipment, advice, event planning experience . Or we can work with your pre-selected caterer/event planner to really impress your guests/patrons/friends.


Please contact us to discuss your needs: call DUB Pies at (718) 974-1683 or send questions via email to: orders@dubpies.com