For Meat-Lovers

Mince Pie - $7.25
The quintessential Kiwi pie: savoury ground beef in rich onion gravy. One is never enough.

Mince and Cheese Pie - $8.00
The New Zealand tuck-shop classic: a beef mince pie with a layer of white cheddar cheese

Steak & Cheese Pie - $8.50
A serious pie-lover’s pie: hearty chunks of steak in peppery onion gravy, with sharp white cheddar cheese

Steak and Mushroom Pie - $8.50
Gareth’s favourite. Chunks of beefsteak in a rich gravy with juicy mushrooms

Brisket Pie - $
(description needed)

NY Shepherd's Pie - $8.50
The British classic, redesigned for New York: minced beef in a lovely thick gravy, topped with mashed potato

Thai Chicken Curry Pie - $7.25
A fragrant, Thai-style green curry with tender pieces of chicken … in a pie!

Chicken and Vegetable Pie - $7.25
Just like a chicken pot pie, only better!

Breakfast Pie - $6.50
Bacon, egg and white cheddar. Eat it on the run.

Sausage Roll - $4.75
The Kiwi party favourite: juicy pork sausage rolled with sage and parsley in flaky pastry. Don’t forget the ketchup!


For Mini People and Mega Parties -
Mini Pies

Available in the following flavours:

  • Mince and cheese
  • Mince
  • Chicken and vegetable
  • Curry Vegetarian
  • Breakfast


For Vegetarians

Curry Vege - $
The ultimate vege comfort pie: broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in a hearty béchamel sauce, spiked with black pepper

Vege Breakfast Pie- $
A simple, perfect morning pick-me-up pie with egg and white cheddar

Spinach & Feta Roll- $4.75
A simple, perfect morning pick-me-up pie with egg and white cheddar


Spiced Apple Pie - $
A Kiwi twist on the American classic: tart local Granny Smiths baked with cloves and cinnamon

Cherry Pie- $
(description needed)

Peaches & Cream Pie- $
(description needed)

In-store, we also have a daily changing selection of New Zealand-inspired cakes and goodies, including Lamingtons and ANZAC Biscuits.


Breakfast Snacks

Plain Croissant - $2.50
Chocolate Croissant - $3.00
Butter Scone - $2.75
Almond Croissant - $2.50
Currant Scone - $2.75
Oat and Cranberry Scone - $2.75
Plain Yogurt - $3.00
Seasonal fruit Salad - 10 oz; $4.50

Vegetable Sides

Green Salad - $
Mixed greens, carrots, and tomatoes with housemade vinaigrette served on the sider

Caesar Salad- $
Served with caesar dressing on the side

Roman's Russian Salad - $
Cucumber, tomato, radish, peppers, dill, cilantro, onion, and black pepper. Sour cream on the side.


Get Pies Delivered Today

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Due to significant changes in our production systems we're no longer able to offer individual pie sales. Pies and rolls now come in bags.

Regular size pies come in a bag of 4 units, regular size rolls come in a bag of 8 units, party/mini pies continue to be made available in a bag of 12 units.

For LOCAL HAND DELIVERY OF PIES the minimum order requirements are unchanged

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