DUB Pie Subscription

= 15% discount on all products & FREE SHIPPING for qualifying orders. 

NEW! Pie Subscriptions!

Do you have savory pies in your freezer right now as the perfect, quick-fix meal you crave almost daily? Probably not, eh? We are in the USA, after all.

Well, the DUB Pies Subscription is the answer to that huge, quality-of-life problem.

How does it work?:

On the first Monday of the month we'll send you a custom selection of 3 packs of our savory pies (4/pack), sweet pies (4/pack), and rolls (6/pack).

You make your own selection and you change it whenever suits you. 

Subscriptions require a minimum 3-month commitment, paid monthly. In return you get the best possible discount every month, that is, we’ll automagically apply a 15% discount* to each month’s shipment, and you still get FREE SHIPPING if you live in the EAST ZONE (or we'll discount the cost of shipping to the by $12 if you're in the WEST ZONE.) We can ship anywhere in the USA.

You're always welcome to increase your order size on any given month and still have the 15% discount applied (and FREE or subsidized shipping depending on your ZONE), then we revert to sending 3 packs the following month.

That’s not all!

- On your third month of being a DUB Pies Subscriber we'll send you a free DUB Pies t-shirt!

- You'll often be given the chance to try new pies before anyone else.

- The longer you remain a subscriber the more goodies, specials, treats we'll send you as a thank you.



  1. pre-select any 3 flavors of pies (or rolls) and have us ship those each month  - or
  2. pre-select any 2 flavors and we’ll send a flavor of the month pie to you as the 3rd option - or
  3. pre-select any 1 flavor and we’ll send 2 flavors of our choice, with one choice being a special pie of the month.


You can change your selection right up to the Friday before your order is scheduled to ship.

Consider having us send any given month’s order to a friend or family member who happens to be more in need than you that month - just e-mail us by the Friday before the 1st Monday of the month.



Just email orders@dubpies.com with the word SUBSCRIPTION in the Subject line. In body of email - include your name, contact phone, address and the 3 choices you'd like for your first month's order. We'll respond with the discounted price. If you decide to proceed, we'll call you to collect payment information. Subscription orders ship the first Monday of every month (though we can adjust that for you if necessary.) We'll give you the ability to log-in to this site and change future, monthly orders.



*It hasn’t happened yet but if our monthly discount is larger than the subscription discount - we’ll apply the monthly discount to your next order - so really, you can't lose!