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Steak & Mushroom

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If you are what you eat, our founder is definitely a Steak & Mushroom pie. Chunks of top-round beef/steak in peppery onion gravy, with juicy mushrooms.

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CYA (Florham Park, US)
Absolutely delicious

Being an Aussie, meat pie is what I miss the most from home. Dub Pies definitely satisfy that hunger. I have tried all the flavours and Thai Chicken definitely was pleasantly delicious and the pastry is flaky just like home.
Definitely recommending Dub Pies to all those pie lovers!!

Nathan Essenstam (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Fair Dinkum Meat pie

These are the real deal. These are a taste of the pies I grew up on(DOWN UNDER).
Shipped immaculately and arrived with out a crumb displaced. Love ‘em.

Wayne (Lynbrook, US)
My Wife Enjoyed the Pie.

My Wife is from Australia and like anyone else from another country misses native food, such as meat pies, sausage rolls, ect.
She enjoyed this particular pie very much.
I can't give a review yet on the other pies as of yet, simply because she has not had one yet. Based on the one that she did get to eat id guess the other formulars are terrific as well.

mrmike (Chicago, US)
Flavor on point, arrived rather smashed up.

Not a lot to add. Baked in a foil tin and ate with a spoon. Enjoyed immensely.should probably put ice back on the bottom and not the top?

Lauren (Arlington, US)

Our family loved these. Will be ordering again.