Our hand-held, savory (& sweet) pies are a perfect menu addition to a variety of establishments food offerings. 

We're based in Brooklyn, NY - but we can provide our pies for resale anywhere in the USA. 

Whether you're looking to offer:

  • a substantial, wholesome, quick-to-prepare, snack at a pub/bar; 
  • a frozen food item to be reheated at home as part of meal; 
  • or to augment a restaurant menu with a complete meal of our pies and a side of fries (or perhaps a salad - or better yet - the classic mash, peas & gravy) 

Look no further - we have the perfect solution. 

We're specialty provisioners of a range of different eateries and drinking locations throughout NYC and increasingly throughout the USA. (We can offer perfect side dishes too - just ask for more info.)

Whether reheated to order, held hot at the bar, or ordered as part of a meal, you'll find our pies at (among other locations):

  • Traditional pubs (eg. Irish or British) 
  • American-style bars 
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Tap rooms and bottle shops
  • Music venues
  • Music festivals
  • Sports events

For more information about our wholesale operation, pricing, delivery, suggested pie handling - please call us on (718) 974 1683 (extension #1) or email us at info@dubpies.com - we will respond promptly.


If you'd like to discuss working with us as a distributor of our "DUB Pies" products please email us at info@dubpies.com 



Why are they called DUB Pies?

DUB stands for Down Under Bakery, because we come from a land down under (the equator) — the South Pacific paradise of New Zealand.


What are DUB Pies?

The perfect delivery mechanism for pleasure.

A riff on the classic British meat pie, a Dub Pie is a delicious dose of hand-held goodness, made of flaky pastry wrapped around an assortment of hot, savoury fillings suspended in delectable gravy.

While inspired by New Zealand, DUB Pies are hand-crafted here in the USA under oversight of the USDA.  For many this protein-packed portable meal is revered as the ultimate comfort food, a superior lunch-on-the-run, soul food you can eat while driving your car.

Inside our simple, buttery pastry, you’ll find only the best ingredients: big chunks of prime meat, rich gravy, fresh vegetables and tangy cheese.

Our vegetarian pies are just as popular as the meat ones, and our all-vegan curry vegetarian pie may be the one pie to rule them all.


Are they good pub/bar food?

DUB Pies are the perfect bar food.

Ask any publican or pub-dweller in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa... indeed most Western food cultures other than North American ones - revere pies highly. The pie is king of pub food - Americans just don’t know it yet.

Our pies are designed to be eaten from one hand, without cutlery, while you hold a pint of beer in the other.


How do they come delivered to my bar?

We deliver frozen pies in food service trays: 12 pies or 17 sausage rolls per tray.


Do you offer any sweets, desserts, sweet pies or cookies?

Yes to all of the above.

We offer a variety of sweet pies - including apple, peach/cream and cherry rhubarb.

We also make a selection of Down Under-style specialty sweets including: Lamingtons, ANZACS, Sticky-date pudding, custard squares etc.


What is the shelf life of the savory pies?

The pies keep very well for many months in the provided food service packaging we deliver them in. Once in the refrigerator they’re good for 5-6 days.


How does one prepare a DUB Pie?.

Thawed & straight from the fridge the pies should go into a hot oven for 12-15 mins at 350F degrees.

They can be served on a (paper) plate at the bar with disposable cutlery (no mess, no clean-up, no fuss.) They can also be eaten by hand, served in a paper bag (we can provide these too.)


How do you suggest we serve DUB Pies?

They can easily be added to most bar/restaurant menus. Serve them alone or with a side salad or potato dish (fries, mash/gravy.)

If your pub/bar doesn't have a kitchen - consider outsourcing your food requirements to us. Pie sales for many bars/pubs should perhaps be seen as an adjunct to your core business of selling drinks.  A customer who orders a pie is less likely to leave the bar looking for food and will usually order another drink to wash it down with - so keeping the pie prices low at  your bar should increase drinks sales!

Stop that customer wandering off looking for food - offer them a DUB Pie!

DUB pies can easily be prepared behind the bar with just a toaster oven (though it probably goes without saying, the better the oven the better the result.)

We suggest having them on a bar menu, a blackboard, a table-top 'tent', perhaps served as a "pie and pint" deal.


Do you provide ovens & pie warmers?

If you’re likely to sell a lot of pies and can commit to a weekly purchase we can work with you to find an ideal oven for your location.

Initially - we advise keeping the pies in a bar fridge and popping them in a counter-top toaster oven when the customer orders them. Within 15 minutes the customer should have their pie.

If you sell a lot of pies each day we can provide a pie warmer - at our expense if potential volume warrants it.  The warmer is a holding unit that holds pies at the ideal temp - it isn't ideal for heating/reheating product (but can do so in pinch.)

The pie warmer option may not be ideal at first - best to generate interest first then consider the warmer.  An almost empty warmer tends not to entice customers to buy pies - while a full one does. Once a pie is committed to the warmer it must be sold/eaten - it can’t be cooled and reheated.


What else should I know about the warmer?

The warmer needs to be properly maintained by cleaning regularly.  We can swap out your warmer regularly for a clean one but will need to discuss a service fee to do this.  Best to make it a regular part of the bar cleaning process.

Our smallest 13” x 13” x 24”(h) has three shelves and holds 18 pies. We have larger versions too.


What pies are available?

Pie description/details are available here


Great! How do I order?

Email us at orders@dubpies.com to get started. Tell us where we're delivering, what time the bar is open, who our contact is, what pies you want (pies are in packs of 12 - you can easily transfer them to freezer bags for storage if you prefer.)

We'll contact you either by text/cell phone or email 2 days before each regular delivery day to see if you need pies. Order deadlines are 2 days prior to delivery - we currently deliver Tuesday and Friday in NYC but expect to deliver more frequently soon. We can't wait to have you help us prove the mighty pies is indeed King of pub food.