You've just unlocked a treasure trove of our very best discount codes - all in one place.

Not only are we still trading - with a new business model - but there's more ways than ever to order from us.

Here-in you’ll find short-lived discount codes designed to bring you back into the fold of DUB customers and to thank you for your previous custom.

We hope you'll consider supporting us - and sharing this info with all of your friends and family. - while it lasts!

If you have questions about ordering - be sure to check out our Ordering Overview page. 

The DUBscription!

The best deal we’ve offered on frozen pies/rolls. Ever. A short-lived introductory offer to our pie subscription service. Expires June 15th, 2021.

Use promo code - DUBSCRIBE0615 - when ordering through this page & get a massive 25% off the list price of all of our pies/rolls for as long as you stay subscribed.

As part of this offer you can choose any subscription frequency - monthly, alternate months, every three months. 

The usual DUBscription is 20% off MONTHLY orders or 15% off for orders repeating every 2 or 3 months. 

You choose the pies. You change the pies when you want. Skip orders. Cancel any time.

Get a free-t-shirt with your 3rd order. And we’re just getting started. More perks to come. 

Just choose “Subscribe and Save” for each pie you want and use the promo at checkout.  The promo code will add another 10% discount to the existing 15% "Subscribe & Save" option.


Pies, Rolls & Down Under-style Baked Goods

a) Nationwide - We now make more pie flavors than ever before. There really is something for everyone: beef, chicken, pork, vegetarian and vegan. We also make fruit pies & Mincemeat pies too. 

Use promo code - LETTER0615 - to get 15% off any one time order - expires June 15th.

b) New York City delivery services: 

Mercato Grocery Delivery -  same day delivery available via Mercato to New Yorkers. Our widest selection of pies, sweets, coffee and packaged goodies. Even more pies, Lamingtons, Anzacs, Caramel slices, Roughs - with more to come.  There's been talk of making some Vogel's-like bread soon (be sure to get in touch if this is of interest.)  

There are two discount options available here. Choose one - or better yet - use the first one and then order again (before the 2nd one expires) to make use of both:

i) Applies to first time orders only. Use the code – ZFVEWN – at checkout to get Unlimited Free Delivery for 30 Days & $10 off your first order  - or 

ii) Use promo code - LETTER0615 - to get 10% off any one time order - expires June 15th

Cornershop by Uber - download the app or order through the Cornershop website. Just search for DUB Pies. If you’re already using the Uber app, go to the Grocery section.  Deliveries made to much of Brooklyn  (via Uber.)

Boutique Coffee Roasting

We spent many years introducing New Yorkers to the perfect flat white in the same Brooklyn neighborhood we lived in for 20 years. The natural progression was to begin roasting our own crowd-pleasing roasts. If you were a regular and miss our coffee, you no longer need to. Go to to order. 

One-time coffee orders can use promo code - LETTER0615 - to get 20% off the list price. 

If you choose to Subscribe & Save - LETTERSS - and we’ll add another 10% discount to the automatic 15% already applied.  Thereafter, all recurring subscription orders will have a 25% discount applied to the usual list price. 


Packaged Aussie & Kiwi Snacks, Chips, Sweets, Drinks & Treats

Nationwide Shipping of Vegemite, Marmite, Tim Tams, Shapes, Manuka Honey, Minties, Pineapple Lumps, Licorice Allsorts, L&P, Whittaker's Chocolate, Cheezels, Twisties, Tomato Sauce, Violet Crumble, Milo, Jaffas, Gingernuts, Ribena, Scorched Almonds, Chicken chips, Edmonds Custard Powder, Wagon Wheels,  Golden Syrup, Cherry Ripes, HP Sauce, Branston Pickle, Maggi Onion Soup, PG Tips and so much more @ 

Get free shipping when you order $75 or products & use promo code - FREESHIPPING 

You can also use the code - 0615TREATS - to also get 10% off. Expires June 15th.  

Yes - you can use BOTH discounts at the same time.

Catering or Hot Food Delivery

We also do hot food delivery to much of NYC! 

We can provide pre-packaged, individual servings of pies, sides and sweets. Currently there’s a $300 minimum order but we’re working on plans to partner with hot food delivery partners in order to lower this to around $20.

Mention the letter we mailed you when you order and a 15% discount. Minimums still apply.

Visit the Hot Food Delivery page on for details or email us at 

Wholesale & Distribution:

We’re specialty providers of savory pies to bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants across New York City and surrounding areas. You can request free samples through the Wholesale info page on our website. 

We also have a couple of distribution partners across the USA and are looking for more! 

Get in touch if you’re interested in chatting about serving pies at your location. Or if you know a location that would be a great match for our pies!

Best thing is to email us