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Kia ora Pie Lovers,

As we write, we're noticing a subtle change in morning temperatures. Day times can still be scorching, but true pie weather is just around the corner! Don't get us wrong, summer is great. But PIE SEASON RULEZ - end of story!

There's plenty of gravy-laden goodness for you in this month's newsletter - including our famed monthly discount that we know so many of you wait for! We thought it might be a good time to remind you that the discount is only made available to recipients of this newsletter and to our social media friends - ie not just any ol' anybody off the street gets this special treatment!

That said, our raison d'etre is to grow pie culture in this amazing country. Imagine what could have been achieved if Americans had known from birth that pies don't have to be sweet! The mind really boggles!

We want to grow our Dub Pies Family - so feel free to send this newsletter to all your mates whom you think would appreciate having us ship them some pies, or who might want to know when the Pie Truck is parked outside their office window. Really, there can't be many things worse than having a hankering for a pie & a flat white in NYC only to look out the window and see the Pie Truck leaving the spot its been vending from for the last 3 hours!!

Read on for details of a contest we're having for forwarding our email!

Love, Dub Pies HQ


Win 24 piesWant to win 24 Dub Pies of your choice? Of course you do. Here's how....

Simply forward this edition of our brand spanking new newsletter to anyone who lives within the United States that you feel has an interest in learning more about down under-style savory pies and exceptionally good coffee.

Let them know that they need to:
a) sign up for the newsletter, here
b) send us an email or a tweet telling us who forwarded this email to them (ie you!)

That's it!

We ship nationwide, so anyone in the USA is eligible (but folks in NYC are our special targets). Especially those who have interest in how we go about building the burgeoning savory pie industry in the United States.

The person who gets the most people to sign up by the end of this month wins 24 pies of their choice - shipped nationwide at no cost!

What are you waiting for? Forward us on. And thank you!


The humidity has broken! We're celebrating the end of chafing season with a super discount for online Dub Pies orders.

There are few things more convenient than popping a Dub Pie in the oven when you finally get home from work or a night on the town. And our mini pies are great for feeding the nippers during what remains of the school vacation.

Take advantage of this month's promo code ("AUG2014") for a 20% discount off your frozen pie delivery. The discount is not available in store or at the truck!

SHIPPING: We ship frozen pies US-wide at a very reasonable shipping rate. If you're in metropolitan NYC, delivery is free.

Place your order here and be sure to apply the promo code for your discount.

Valid until 8/30/14


The Pie Truck It seems there's a new challenge for the truck each week - but we've come to realize that's very much par for the course - so we won't bore you with stories about stuff like ongoing generator issues. (Oops, sorry!)

It's been a very educational first season on the streets of NYC and there's no doubting the truck has raised awareness about our brand - so we're quite chuffed about how things have been going!


We are a finalist in the "Rookie of the Year" category of the 10th Annual edition of the Vendy Awards!

This year's event will be held September 13th on Governor's Island - so if you haven't checked out the island this summer - this would be a great day to come out and check out some amazing street food.

You're the first to hear that the event will be the debut appearance of the inimitable "Pea, pie & 'pud" combo. Yea, verily we say, other Rookies should be quaking in their gumboots about now!


We do our best to return to popular locations around NYC but it's a constant dance with the police, the city and other trucks. Sometimes, just when we think we've sorted out a great spot, we lose it or get the "bum's rush."

With that said, here's a link to our current schedule.

You can also sign up here for the weekly Truckmail newsletter that will update you about where the truck will be that week. You can also select the part of town you want to be informed about should the truck be visiting! And of course, if social media is your thing, you can keep up to date with what what the truck is up to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We continue to work on bringing you new pie flavours.

Keep an eye on the website for some new additions in the near future that we've been trialing at the cafe and the truck, including:

Cherry Pie (pictured left). This is sensational! Real huge chunks of fleshy cherry with just the right amount of tart, lemony bit to cut the sweetness.

Apple Pie. The age old stand-by and American favourite, but with a special little Kiwi twist (we go easy on the cinnamon, favouring a different secret spice...)

Delaney BBQ Brisket Biscuit. Does what it says on the packet! We think this will take over from the cronut once it's discovered by the NYC masses.. that's if they can get one. These are regular sell-outs.


Rough Trade, Brooklyn, Thurs 21
Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, Fri 22 

The New Zealand band we've been listening to for 34 years. No, that's not a typo. These guys were there at the beginning of what became known internationally as the Dunedin sound.
They're currently touring the USA and this week they play two Brooklyn shows. Just quietly, we're going to see if we can park the Pie Truck up outside at least one of the shows. 

Wednesday 17 September
St Mazie, 345 Grand St, Williamsburg 

There's a NZ General Election on 20 September, and for all you overseas voters, you need to cast your votes by 4pm Friday 19 September. 

The Special Vote Party! is just that - a special party for enrolled New Zealanders and their friends with information about how to cast your overseas vote, interspersed with great Kiwi entertainment from Kiwi bands Streets of Laredo, Fredericks Brown, Sonic Uke, Jonathan Crayford, Leila Adu, and DJs Son of Cronos and Dre. 

And, yep, the Pie Truck will be there! More info. 

How To Find Us!

To find the Pie Truck, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re also at the Grand Army Plaza Food Truck Rally on the 1st (and maybe 3rd) Sundays of every month until October.

Our cafe is at 211 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn. It's stocked with pies, Counter Culture coffee, and a hand-picked selection of NZ and Australian grocery goods.

And if you want us to come to you with some tasty catering, give Brendan a call on 718 974 1683 to discuss your catering needs.

Stay in touch with us day-to-day via Facebook and Twitter, where all sorts of conversations are taking place about all sorts of stuff...

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