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Anzac Day, Cold Brew Season, New Pie Flavours


Spring is… here!!

We're calling it! Spring is most definitely here, New York. And it feels so good. Thanks for helping Dub Pies to make it through that horrible winter.

We're excited about what summer has in store, for New York, for the Pie Truck and for you. Swing by one of our cafes to grab your Cold Brew growler, now that warmer days are here.

Also… rumours of an All Blacks appearance in Chicago? Yes, thanks! See you there in November!

ANZAC Day Details and Discount

Chicken & Vegetable Pie

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. In 2015, New Zealand and Australia suffered great losses in the gruelling Gallipoli campaign. ANZAC Day remembers this horrific chapter. As always, the Australian and New Zealand consulates will be holding ANZAC Day events in NYC. The ANZAC Day Dawn Service will be held at 5.30am on Friday 25th April at the Vietnam Veterans Plaza in Downtown NYC.

If you want to attend the Commemorative Sunday Service in the ANZAC Garden at Rockefeller Centre on April 27th, you must RSVP for the ballot here.

Meanwhile, if you are commemorating ANZAC Day in your own way, we have an April discount of 20% off online orders.

The discount applies until Tuesday, 22nd April (Earth Day!). Use the promo code - ANZAC14 - when placing your order online to save on frozen Dub Pie delivery (NYC) and shipping (US-wide). Place your order here and be sure to apply the promo code for your discount. We deliver free to most of metropolitan NYC (you can check our website for exact details), and arrange ground shipping for everyone else.

(Heads up - deliveries in NYC may be pushed back until the week of ANZAC Day as next week is already slammed! Shipping next week should not be a problem!)

And if you need to pick up more than the usual amount of ANZAC Biscuits from our stores, call ahead to make sure we have them in stock - Brooklyn Stores is (718) 788 2448, Manhattan Store is (347) 380 7582, or email us on

When placing your order here, be sure to apply the promo code for your discount. We provide free delivery to most of metropolitan NYC (you can check our website for exact details), and arrange ground shipping for everyone else.

Place your order here.

New Pie News

Our BBQ Brisket Biscuit Pie

We have lots of new Dub Pies news this month!

Our new sweets baker, Jesse, has created a wonderful New Zealand-style Apple Pie. What's New Zealandy about it? Well, it's all about clove over cinnamon, right? Our serving suggestion for the Apple Pie is to take it home, pop the lid off and put a large dollop of icecream inside while it’s still piping hot. Yowza! In fact, here's Jesse demonstrating just that!

Soon, we are reintroducing the beloved Tex Mex Pie to the family. This is a delicious, vegetarian pie of refried beans, jalapenos and queso that hits the spot and can be washed down well with beer, tequila, watermelon juice, soda and lime, anything really!

And exclusive to the Pie Truck (for now) is the BBQ Brisket Biscuit Pie, which takes delicious beef brisket from our friends at Delaney BBQ, and bakes it into a stunning biscuit-style pastry crust. It's off-the-hook good.

How To Find Us!

The Food Truck game in NYC is really competitive and social media is double edged sword. It's a great way to tell pie and flat white lovers where to find us but it's also a great way to tell other food trucks looking for a sweet bit of action on the streets.

As a result - we don't always tweet or post our location on Facebook and Twitter. Instead we're telling people that the only place we'll regularly publish our planned truck vending locations is right here in this newsletter - so once again, Dear Reader, you find yourself ahead of the game! ;-)

Monday: still looking for a great spot - until further notice, look for us in the Flatiron neighborhood - 5th Ave and 22nd St.

Tuesday: still looking for a great spot - we've been fortunate enough to be at the awesome DUMBO LOT lately - but we were just subbing. Hopefully we'll be back soon!

Next Tuesday - To Be Confirmed - we're starting the rumor that we may be outside the UN Building - 1st Ave and 45th St. We'll confirm this by Facebook and Twitter if it goes ahead as the parking space is run by one of the UN Missions.

Wednesday: Outside Mt. Sinai Hospital - UES - Madison/99th.

We'll give this spot another week or two to see if it builds - otherwise we may move on to greener pastures ;-)

Thursday: Grand Central - Park/E 47th St. We're not sold on this spot and may look around nearby for a new spot. If we find one we'll update you here.

Friday: Financial District (hard to find spots but we'll try!) Probably Hanover Square for now.

Saturday: we hope to be at events frequently - but otherwise we're looking or a great spot. This Saturday we again take our wares to the punters at the amazing Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club - this place is stunning! Check it out if you can! We hope to be here frequently. We'll be serving from 12 noon to 6pm.

Sunday: We'll be at the Grand Army Plaza Food Truck Rally on the 1st Sundays of every month until October. Our first Sunday, last weekend, went off. Come on down!

Otherwise we plan to be in Park Slope, on 7th Ave near Carroll St on Sundays. We hope.

Evenings: Still working on this but we're currently tending toward Bedford Ave, Williamsburg.

Of course, our cafes don't move and they're at 211 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, and 123 West 3rd St in Manhattan. They’re stocked with pies, Counter Culture coffee, and a hand-picked selection of NZ and Australian grocery goods.

And if you're in our West Village store's delivery zone, then head to Seamless or Grubhub to sort your lunch out and please, please, please throw some kind reviews our way!

Hot Food Delivery in NYC

Finally, if your workmates are going spare from all this winter weather, consider shouting them a round of delicious, steaming hot pies for lunch one day.

Give Brendan a call on (718) 974 1683 to discuss your catering needs.

If you are your own boss and you're in our West Village store’s delivery zone, then head to Seamless or Grubhub to sort your lunch out.

Kiwi Music and Art in the City

Finally, loads of New Zealand bands and artists are making their way to New York over the next few months. Be sure to sign up to the Choice List to hear all about it.

And next month is New Zealand Music Month - we love May. ;-) We'll even be selling some of our favorite NZ vinyl in-store soon. Watch this space for updates.

Vote in New Zealand

I voted

This year is an election year in New Zealand. If you live overseas you can still vote, as long as you're enrolled and you have visited New Zealand within the last 3 years (if you're a citizen) or within the last 12 months (if you're a permanent resident).

To enrol, or to check where you are already enrolled, go to the website and get on the roll. Those diggers back in 1914 were fighting for all kinds of things, including the freedom to vote!

Closer to the election date (20 September) we're planning to help out with an Election Party in NYC, to make it easy for you to vote. Stay tuned!

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